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Low-budget movie set in Tulare County needs help

Filming on the low-budget feature film drama "Lost on Purpose," from Woodlake brothers Ian and Eshom Nelms, begins in and around Tulare County on Sunday.

"Lost on Purpose" tells the story of five renegade ranch hands who work on a San Joaquin Valley dairy farm. They must fight for their jobs, and each other, when financial strain puts the farm in jeopardy of being sold.

Several local actors and crew members already have been hired, but the production company still needs volunteer help in several areas.

"We are working with a very low budget. We are looking for anyone who would like to volunteer to work on the film just to get some actual set experience. They can volunteer for a day or week or whatever they want to do," says "Purpose" producer Michelle Lang.

The Nelms brothers say they would have loved this kind of opportunity when they were growing up.

There are several scenes for which a large group of extras will be needed. Send your name, a recent photo, phone number and contact email to if you are interested in volunteering to be in the scenes.

Extras are needed for:

Lum Lum's Bar patrons (May 6 and 9): Group of 20-30 Hispanic men and women ages 21-35. One of the dates will be a night shoot going from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Woodlake Airport/diner patrons (May 8): Roughly 10 retirement-aged men and women.

Estate auction attendees (May 9 and 17): At least 40 people, all ages (except children) and preferably as many as possible between the ages of 35 and 60.

Burger Boy patrons (May 21 and 22): Group of about 5-10 men and woman of all ages (except children). Both are night shoots going from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Red Banks Bar patrons (June 1): 30-40 men and women, in their 20s. Must be at least 21.

Tubing Girls (June 3-5): Two attractive girls in their 20s.

The shoot will run through June 5. The current plan is for the cast and crew to be fed by the directors' mother. Lang is looking for restaurants or groups willing to pitch in on a couple of meals.

Those interested should send an email to LostOnPurpose

The brothers wrote the script and will direct "Lost on Purpose." They started making films in 2004 -- including the feature "Squirrel Trap" -- and went on to make music videos and documentaries. The script is based on memories the Nelms brothers have of growing up in the Valley.

"The sprawling San Joaquin Valley farmlands will give us the essence of a Western while providing the urban balance needed to tell a relevant contemporary story," says Ian Nelms.

Most of the cast and crew comes from Los Angeles. Because contracts haven't been finalized, no names have been released for those being brought in for the filming. Lang says the role of Auturo was to be played by an actor from Los Angeles, but local actor Jared Rice was so impressive in his auditions he earned the part.

"Lost in Purpose" isn't the only movie shooting locally in May. Clovis High School and Fresno State graduates Diana Vu and Johnny Soto will film their low-budget comedy "Showboys" in Fresno May 9-27.

In other local film news, "Finding Hope Now," the movie shot in Fresno two years ago, picked up the Platinum Remi Award at the Houston International Worldfest. The film is based on the story of the Rev. Roger Minassian, who started Hope Now for Youth in 1993. The downtown facility has helped more than 1,600 gang members turn their lives around since the doors opened.

Screenwriter Skin Mead says more than 4,200 entries, from 33 countries, were entered. Along with the top honor, the Houston Film Critics Society nominated Avan Jogia for Best Overall Supporting Actor.