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Clovis High grad Aaron Hill moves into spotlight

Clovis High School graduate Aaron Hill has appeared on 67 of the 74 episodes of the ABC Family series "Greek" over four seasons. Now he's going from supporting player to the focus of a storyline in Monday's 9 p.m. episode. "It was really flattering that they wrote this episode for me," Hill says. "I'm happy with the way the episode turned out, especially after all of the weird questions they asked me before they wrote the script."

The writers asked Hill if he had any secret talents or could sing. He doesn't and can't. That didn't stop them from writing "All About Beave," which is different from any other episode because it takes a look at what's going on in the head of his character Beaver.

Hill says fans of the show will know from the opening moments that this isn't a typical episode of "Greek." The series looks at fraternity and sorority life on a college campus.

Hill is getting more attention after starring in three special webisodes that aired before the fourth season started. In the webisodes he offered quick, easy and inexpensive recipes as college culinary delights.

There's a possibility those webisodes could be turned into a series. Hill wants to share simple and healthy ways to cook using nothing more than the appliances found in a dorm.

"Greek" is the latest in a growing list of acting jobs for Hill. Over the past decade, he's worked on the TV shows "Malcolm in the Middle," "Lost at Home" and "The Gilmore Girls." He was also in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

He also just wrapped shooting the horror film "Blood Is Blood" in Louisiana with Fresno native Sid Haig. And, he co-stars with "Twilight" stars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz in the sports film "A Warrior's Heart." No release date has been announced for either film.

The fourth season of "Greek" has finished filming and no official announcement has been made about a season five. Hill's been going on auditions. This is a busy time in Hollywood because potential new shows for the fall season are being cast.

Other news

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Later start: "KSEE Sunrise," the morning show for the local NBC affiliate, now starts at 5 a.m. instead of 4:30 a.m. The time slot is now home for "Early Today," a recap of the overnight news produced at the MSNBC studios.

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