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New shake, tea bar offers a dose of health and positivity to Clovis customers

Ronald and Alexis Alexandre opened Empire Nutrition, an Herbalife Nutrition Club, at Bullard and Minnewawa avenues in Clovis on Aug. 2.
Ronald and Alexis Alexandre opened Empire Nutrition, an Herbalife Nutrition Club, at Bullard and Minnewawa avenues in Clovis on Aug. 2.

There’s a new spot in Clovis to hang out, and the owners promise to provide more than a delicious beverage and free Wi-Fi.

Oklahoma transplants Ronald and Alexis Alexandre offer positive vibes and a mission to promote health and wellness at Empire Nutrition, an Herbalife Nutrition Club.

Nestled in the shopping center at Bullard and Minnewawa avenues, Empire Nutrition offers meal bars and made-to-order shakes and teas along with a spacious place to relax or play a game of table hockey.

Shakes come in a variety of flavors and “taste like your favorite candy, cake or ice cream — without all of that stuff in it,” Ronald said.

“Some people can’t afford programs, so this is a way to get healthy in their day-to-day lives,” he said. “It’s not always easy to be healthy; it’s actually easier to be unhealthy. So that’s why we try to make it easy for them.”

Herbalife, a health and wellness company whose products are sold in more than 90 countries, aims to get people away from potentially harmful crash diets, Ronald explained.

“The whole mission of the owner was to get an Herbalife canister on every counter. His mom overdosed from dieting pills and he realized that there needed to be a different way for people to get healthy and live their lives without resorting to crash diets and diet pills and things that aren’t the best for them,” he said.

Ronald’s Herbalife journey started with a severe bout of depression that resulted in weight gain.

“I really couldn’t get out of bed a lot because I didn’t have too much going on for me,” he said.

His roommate dragged him to an Herbalife Nutrition Club in his home state of Oklahoma and he ordered the lowest calorie item on the menu “because I was really big,” Ronald said. “I loved it. I lost 31 pounds and 8 percent body fat.”

But the weight loss is not what made him stay.

“It was the community,” he said. “I went through a long bout of depression and I was actually hospitalized because of it. We weren’t allowed to have our phones, so when I came out, I turned on my phone and it was all these messages from people I’d met here — no one from my family or the friends that I knew outside of this community had said anything. It was just tons and tons of support.”

Ronald decided then that he would bring that level of support everywhere he went.

“The best part of Herbalife is the community that you make out of it,” Ronald said.

Alexis Alexandre found Herbalife about a year after Ronald did.

“I was young and I was dragged to a fitness camp [Ronald] did,” she said. “My sister brought me and I just kind of never left.”

She lost 64 pounds — and gained a husband.

A job offer brought the couple to Clovis.

“We love it here. It’s fantastic. A little hot, but it’s great,” Ronald said.

Empire Nutrition opened Aug. 2.

“We’re really excited,” Ronald said. “The feedback has been absolutely incredible. The reaction we’ve had is ‘we really needed something like this in Clovis,’ so we’re excited to be bringing that to the marketplace here.”

The couple plans to host community events at Empire Nutrition, including meal prep classes, movie events and game nights.

They also connect with businesses to “talk to their employees, bring them shakes and talk to them a little bit about what we do so they can also be healthy,” Ronald said. “It’s a lot easier for employers with health insurance when their employees are healthy.”

For the shop’s grand opening, a check-in on Facebook will earn the customer $1 off of their order. The business also offers a punch card, so the first shake is $1 off and each 10th shake is half off.

Follow Empire Nutrition at and visit at 80 W. Bullard Ave., Suite 110.