Fresno ties record with high of 105 on Saturday

Fresno tied its record for high temperature on Saturday when the thermometer reached 105 degrees at Fresno Yosemite International Airport, the National Weather Service said.

The reading came at 5 p.m., typically the hottest time of the day.

That temperature was also reached on June 4 in 1996, 1992 and 1935, said NWS meteorologist Scott Rowe.

Not only was a hot, it was also dry. The NWS said humidity at that time was near 10 percent, meaning there was little moisture in the air.

The average high for June 4 was 89 degrees, so Fresno was 16 degrees above normal, Rowe noted.

Sunday will remain hot but slightly cooler in Fresno, with a high of 102 degrees. Triple-digit heat will remain in place thanks to a high-pressure ridge covering California until Wednesday, when the high falls back into the upper 90s, Rowe said.