Fresno County Sheriff Mims attacks Newsom firearms measure

Fresno County Sheriff Mims Opposes Gun Control Measure

Fresno County sheriff, other law enforcement leaders, oppose "Safety For All" initiative that may make November ballot..
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Fresno County sheriff, other law enforcement leaders, oppose "Safety For All" initiative that may make November ballot..

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims, area law enforcement officials and a transgender woman on Tuesday attacked Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “Safety For All” firearms initiative, which is likely to appear on the November ballot in California.

Newsom recently said the measure has about 600,000 signatures, well more than the 365,000 needed to get on the ballot. Among other provisions, the complex measure would prohibit the possession of ammunition magazines larger than 10 rounds, require background checks for ammunition purchasers, and provide penalties for those who do not report the theft of a firearm.

The voters shouldn’t be fooled.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims

Joining Mims in opposition to the measure at a news conference at the Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association were Mariposa County Sheriff Douglas Binnewies, Kings County Sheriff David Robinson, Kingsburg Police Chief Neil Dadian, Fowler Police Chief Michael Brand, Reedley Police Chief Joe Garza and Coalinga Police Chief Michael Salvador. Nicki Stallard, a transgender woman who says “self-defense is a human right,” also attended.

Mims said the Safety for All Act is a “catchy name” but, “the voters shouldn’t be fooled.” She said it would create a $25 million bureaucracy to regulate the sale of ammunition and require purchasers to buy a license, which they would have to renew every two years.

“There is nothing in this legislation that would exempt law enforcement officers,” she pointed out.

“Small agencies don’t have the resources” to enforce the measure, Dadian said. “Large agencies don’t have the resources.”

He said it would divert police work away from fighting crime to enforcing regulations.

Binnewies said the measure would be onerous for rural county residents, who need firearms for self-defense. He said the 10-round restriction could prevent homeowners from defending themselves against multiple home invaders.

Stallard said the Safety for All measure would provide “safety for none,” and would disproportionately hurt “poor people and urban dwellers.”

“It’s no better than the poll tax or a literacy test” used to discriminate against black voters in the Jim Crow South, she said.