Kaweah Delta offers chance at Apple watch for taking health assessment

KaweahDelta.org is offering a chance to win an Apple watch for people who take one of its 15 online health assessments.

People who do so will be entered into the giveaway.

The health assessments take about five to seven minutes, and they will help people identify factors for health conditions like diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart attacks and more.

The assessments, which are found at KaweahDelta.org/health, cover the following topics:

  • BladderAware
  • Breast CancerAware
  • Colon CancerAware
  • Lung CancerAware
  • Prostate CancerAware
  • DiabetesAware
  • HeartAware
  • JointAware
  • BreatheAware
  • SleepAware
  • Pediatric SleepAware
  • SpineAware
  • WeightAware
  • VascularAware
  • Bone Health Aware

Troy Pope: 559-441-6442, @troycpope