Chowchilla prison inmates donate to Valley Children’s Hospital

Inmates at Valley State Prison in Chowchilla are donating more than $4,000 to the Craycroft Cancer Center at Valley Children’s Hospital.

Prison officials said inmates participated in several fundraisers and events this past year to help people battling cancer, including donating hair to Locks of Love and hosting walk-a-thon to collect donations.

“As the warden of Valley State Prison, I strongly encourage the inmates that are housed here to give to nonprofit organizations that contribute to the betterment of those in need, be it here in the local area or to nationwide organizations,” Ray Fisher Jr. said. “I believe giving to others that are in need is vital to the rehabilitation process, and the vast majority of the inmates seem to exhibit a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that they have given something back to society.

“Valley Children’s Hospital is well known for meeting the medical needs of children in the Valley and throughout the state and country, and we here at VSP want to support those efforts anyway possible.”

The donation will be presented to the hospital by an officer from the prison on Tuesday.

Carmen George: 559-441-6386, @CarmenGeorge