Light rain remains in Valley forecast

Rain showers were welcomed across the Valley on Monday, and the chance for more continues Tuesday, the National Weather Service said.

Intermittent showers are predicted for much of the region before a warmup returns that is expected to bring high temperatures in the 90s by the weekend.

By 5 p.m. Monday Fresno had recorded .07 of an inch, with most of it falling between 10 and 11 a.m. The high was 80 degrees, noticeably cooler than the 98 recorded Sunday.

A 40 percent chance of rain remains Tuesday, with a high of 82. By Wednesday, sunshine returns but the high stays in the low 80s. Temperatures slowly warm into the high 90s by Sunday.

While many welcomed Monday’s rain showers, raisin farmers were scrambling to protect their crop. Raisins have been picked and are drying in rows in the vineyards. Growers need at least two weeks of warm, dry weather to turn their grapes into raisins.

Rain this time of year can cause problems, including mold and dirt particles becoming embedded in the folds of the wrinkled fruit.

Madera County raisin farmer Ray Trevino has 42 acres of grapes lying on paper trays. To protect the grapes, Trevino and other farmers roll the trays into a cigarette shape.

“Once we heard the forecast, we got out there and started rolling trays,” Trevino said. “But we were only able to do about an acre. We are trying to get some workers out to help us roll some more, but everyone is scrambling right now.”

Trevino, who operates Trevino Family Farms, said that by Wednesday he will have to unroll the trays and let the raisins continue to dry.

“We are going to hope for the best,” Trevino said.