Big Fresno Fair honors retiring Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer with ‘Super Hero’ sculpture

The Big Fresno Fair CEO John Alkire on Friday unveiled a new art piece honoring retiring Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer and his 40 years of service.

The art, paid for by the Friends of The Big Fresno Fair nonprofit, was designed by Alkire and named “JD.” The statue is about 14.5 feet tall, weighs about 3.1 tons and includes pieces of metal welded together to form a badge, grenades on the waistband and a cross in one hand inscribed with Dyer’s favorite Bible verse, Proverbs 17:3.

Alkire described Dyer as a “super hero” and thanked him for making the fair and the city safe.

This year’s fair is Oct. 2-14.