These brothers turned brownies into dog food. It’s the sweetest thing you’ll see today

Brothers Bentley and Elliott Allen spent Saturday along with their family selling brownies, Rice Krispies treats, cheesecakes, cookies and cupcakes to passersby in Corcoran.

Bentley, 8, and Elliott, 4, set up tables outside of Cost Less Food Co. and sold out in four hours, according to their mom, Brittany Blowers.

They decided to use the $505 they earned to feed the dogs and cats at Valley Animal Haven in Lemoore after seeing a Facebook post that the shelter was running low on food.

On Sunday, the boys went to Costco and bought 16 50-pound bags of dog food and six bags of cat food, their mom said. The family arrived at Valley Animal Haven on Sunday afternoon to unload the food.

“It was an amazing surprise,” said Pam Brasil, the executive director of Valley Animal Haven. “It felt like Christmas came early. We were thrilled and honored that they would go to such great lengths to do something so wonderful for our shelter and our animals. We truly appreciate their support and generosity.”

“It felt good,” Bentley said, to give food to the shelter animals.

The boys’ father, Mitchell Allen, said both his sons have a big heart for animals.

“My youngest, he’s wild,” Allen said, “but he definitely loves animals and being social with people.”

And Bentley is “an absolute animal lover. He has a cat, a dog and a bearded dragon. He’s got a great heart.”

Bentley said his job at the bake sale was to “sell everything.”

Elliot helped by yelling, “bake sale!” and taking money, his mom said.

Blowers wants to make the bake sale a yearly tradition for her sons.

Ashleigh Panoo: 559-441-6010, @AshleighPanoo