Those May showers are on the way and they’re bringing a winter chill

It might feel like Fresno is transitioning to summer weather.

Indeed, the National Weather Service expected temperatures in the region to be 10 to 15 degrees above average on Monday and Tuesday.

But that’s also expected to change soon.

A winter-like storm is forecast to hit the area on Wednesday night and continue through until Friday. We can expect temperatures to drop 15 or more degrees. There will also be significant rainfall.

Those rain totals are expected at a quarter of an inch in Fresno; more for locations farther north. There could be as much as a half inch of rain south toward Bakersfield, according to National Weather Service forecaster Jim Bagnall.

“Just getting anything at all is pretty significant right now,” he says.

According to the NWS forecast discussion, some locations could get as much — if not more — rain then they usually do for the entire month of May.

“This is atypical,” Bagnall says.

Snow amounts are expected to reach at least several inches in the mountain areas at around 7,000 feet, though the snow line could drop to as low as 5,500 feet. The highest elevations could see as much as one to two feet of snow, Bagnall says.

While the storm is expected to break on Friday, the clearing may not last. A similar system is expected to arrive Saturday night or Sunday morning, Bagnall says.

“That general pattern could continue into next week,” he says.