Owner of Fresno’s Haron Jaguar witnessed Notre Dame Cathedral burn. See his photos and video

Randy Haron is a professional photographer, though you might now him better as the owner of downtown Fresno’s Haron Jaguar Land Rover dealership.

He just happened to be in Paris when the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral was burning. And he had his camera with him.

Haron shared some compelling photos of the fire on his Facebook page and Instagram, where he has more than 99,000 followers under the name @2ndfloorguy. He agreed to let The Fresno Bee share some of his images.

He was reached Monday afternoon while standing outside the cathedral, watching embers floating through the air and hearing the sounds of breaking timber from inside the church.

“It’s chaos,” he said. “There’s hundreds of thousands of people in the streets. Some people are praying. Some people are crying.”

The fire at the 12th century cathedral has captured the world’s attention. It brought down the church spire and much of the roof, though it appears the cathedral’s two tall towers are still standing.

Haron was familiar with this part of the city’s skyline, as he often travels to Paris and other locations around the world for his photography.

“It’s absolutely insane,” he said. “What a beautiful place.”

Haron said the city had shut down the bridges leading to the site so no more people could flock to it. He captured a video of the crowds clapping for firefighters as they drove by in fire trucks.

“It’s pretty devastating,” he said. “Obviously, the history of it, it’s so incredible here. I’m just glad they can save part it, at least they can rebuild.”

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