Tulare police release video of dancing cops. It takes off like a rocket

Tulare Police take on Lip Sync Challenge

The Tulare Police Department joins the police lip sync video craze.
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The Tulare Police Department joins the police lip sync video craze.

The Tulare Police Department has joined the police lip sync video craze. The product was a smash hit from the start.

Wednesday afternoon, the department posted its video of police officers dancing to “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. Within an hour, the post had been shared more than 2,900 times and viewed more than 36,000 times.

“I’m pretty floored how fast it has taken off,” Sgt. Jon Hamilin said.

Interim police chief Barry Jones gave the go-ahead to do one after a lip sync video by the Norfolk, Virginia police department went viral the other day.

In the Tulare police video, officers and staff are dancing at police headquarters, a restaurant, on a fire truck and around town.

The star is motorcycle officer Eric Wilson.

“He’s not afraid to get in front of the camera,” Hamlin said.

Commenters posting on the Tulare Police Department Facebook page loved it from the start.

“Good song and good choice,” one wrote.

Another wrote, “Many people judge officers at times but at the end of the day they are people just like everyone else who have fun and smile and enjoy a good time. Love the video.”

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office also did one last week.

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