White man who went on racist rant at Latino man issues apology. Does it seem sincere?

A man who was caught on video going on a racist rant toward a Latino man in a Fresno parking lot has issued an apology.

Madera businessman Dan Kuehne posted the 21-second video Friday afternoon to Facebook:

"I want to apologize for my actions, and specifically for my choice of words that stem from the traffic incident on Wednesday," Kuehne states. "I let my emotions get the better of me. There's no excuse for that.

"Regardless of what caused the incident or things that were said outside of the filming of that incident, the things I said were wrong and I apologize to any and all who were justifiably offended by my conduct."

The initial incident and video record occurred Wednesday when Kuehne accused the Latino man, who was later identified by his wife only as Jose, of backing into his car in the Villaggio Shopping Center ion Blackstone Avenue across from River Park.

Jose, who was driving a delivery truck, denies that he hit Kuehne's vehicle, according to his wife, Abbie Sanders.

The video shows Kuehne yelling at Jose while holding a cell phone to his ear.

"I'm sitting here parked, you run into a (expletive) car," Kuehne tells Jose. "Are you a (expletive) maniac or something?

"Are you (expletive) stupid? I ought to ship your (expletive) ass back home, wherever you're from."

That's when Jose responds: "Excuse me, I'm an American as much as you."

To which Kuehne says: "You ain't no American. You're a (expletive) beaner, you mother (expletive)."

Then Kuehne switches back to speaking to someone on his cell phone. "It's a stupid (expletive) Mexican over here. They don't know how to drive anyway."

Jose chimes back: "Are you racist or what?"

And Kuehne goes off again: "I'm a racist because of your stupid (expletive) ass, you pig, (expletive) buck."

The 56-second video was posted by Jose's wife shortly after the incident Wednesday and has since generated more than 200,000 views.

She said her husband started recording because he felt threatened.

Sanders said Jose was delivering restaurant supplies and that the delivery truck is equipped with cameras that activate if the truck strikes something or if it makes sudden stops.

Sanders said her husband told her that the cameras never turned on and that he noticed there were "several inches" between the truck and the blue car.

Fresno police confirmed Friday that a traffic officer arrived to the location but no police report exists since the incident did not involve injuries and occurred on private property.

Those commenting on social media eventually identified the man going on the racist rant as Dan, who works for RVs 4 Less in Madera.

The company name also is visible on his shirt in the video. The Better Business Bureau lists Kuehne as president of the RV dealership.

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