Haron Jaguar makes a splash with #FresnoProud Super Bowl ad

If you think you saw some familiar local sights in a Super Bowl commercial on Sunday, you’re probably right.

Haron Jaguar aired a top-notch advertisement promoting the construction of a new building for the downtown Fresno dealership and showing off the city’s best assets: the revitalization effort downtown, three national parks within a short drive and, of course, the region’s rich agricultural history.

“This is our home,” Randy Haron, a dealership partner, says in the ad. “Fifty years ago, they called it the ‘city of tomorrow.’ Today, it’s a city still on the move.”

In the commercial, you catch glimpses of Fresno’s skyline, El Capitan, a grove of giant sequoias, a harvester running through a field, Fresno’s iconic “best little city” sign, and plenty of Jaguars and Land Rovers.

The ad ends with Haron’s voice proclaiming his love for this city, and encouraging his fellow Fresnans to be proud of where they’re from, too. “So the next time somebody asks you where you’re from, tell them, ‘I’m Fresno proud.’”

The hashtag #FresnoProud is emblazoned on the last frame of the commercial, which has prompted plenty of social media feedback.

The commercial has been in the works for about a year, and Haron said the dealership picked a Super Bowl spot so it would get the most attention possible.

“We wanted to make a statement,” he said during a telephone interview Monday.

The ad was produced by a combination of three local companies: 18Thirty Entertainment, Fulton Group and 2ndFloor Guy, Haron’s own brand.

Haron wanted to give some credit to the city he was born and raised in, especially since it doesn’t always have the best reputation, he said.

“We love this city, and this city always gets a bad rap,” he said. “I’m proud of where I’m from, where my family’s from.  Fresno doesn’t really get the credit it deserves.

“We have some of the greatest people in the world that live in the area. I travel all over world for both business and photography, and there’s nothing like coming home. People care here. I wanted to find a way to display that.”

The new dealership building, at the same location on Ventura Street, is due to be completed in August.

Brianna Calix: 559-441-6166, @BriannaCalix