Have you seen the centerpiece artwork of downtown Fresno? It’s now on full display

The centerpiece artwork of downtown Fresno has been completely unveiled.

A 60-foot clock tower, decorated with four clocks and lights, finally was on full display after scaffolding that surrounded it was removed Tuesday.

The refurbished clock tower is part of the $5 million Fulton Street Restoration Project that’s supposed to liven up the downtown area.

The tower, erected in 1964 and now with its own Twitter account, is the biggest and tallest piece of art in downtown Fresno.

It’s made of wood (with old wood that had rotted over the years replaced) as well as fiberglass.

In all, 19 pieces of art have been restored and reinstalled close to their original positions leading into Fulton Street’s grand opening on Saturday.

As Bee columnist Marek Warszawski wrote:

It took a lot of time, angst and the public holding city leaders accountable, but downtown Fresno now has a glistening display of public art everyone can enjoy and take pride in.

Hopefully, we take care of it this time around.

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Fulton Street Party


  • Saturday: Pre-ribbon cutting at 2 p.m.
  • The skinny: Celebrate the momentous occasion that highlights Fulton’s unique past, exciting future, and the restaurants, shops, and businesses that make up the Fulton Entertainment District.