Fresno, you were shocked and amazed by these most watched videos

Video cameras seemed to be everywhere in 2016 capturing the remarkable moments around us, preserving them for history and for further scrutiny.

In April, we were shocked as a driver intentionally drove over a 68-year-old Sikh man. In July we witnessed the final moments of Dylan Noble’s life from the perspectives of a passerby’s cell phone video and police body cams. More recently, we were dumbfounded as we watched fans at an Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs game pummel each other in the crowd.

But all was not fisticuffs and shootings. The Fresno Bee was there in May to witness a Canadian couple get married at the Cathouse on the Kings in Parlier. We were there when PG&E rescued a cat from atop a power pole in Southwest Fresno. And, we listened while Buchanan high school students commented on the new Clovis Unified student dress code.

Below are 12 videos that grabbed your attention in 2016. We hesitate to call them the best videos, but they were the most watched. Some are graphic and disturbing. So beware.

January: El Niño-powered surf surges into Pismo Beach

The first of this winter's El Niño storms made for big surf at Pismo Beach and Shell Beach, California, on Thursday, January 7, 2016.

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February: Buchanan High students talk about the Clovis Unified dress code

In a surprise vote Jan. 27, 2016, Clovis Unified School District trustees went against recommendations that would have allowed boys to wear long hair and earrings and removed language that says dresses and skirts are for girls. Reaction among Clovis Unified students has been strong, including some who spoke to The Bee on Feb. 2 at Buchanan High School.

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March: Body cams show deadly shooting by Fresno police (graphic content)

Warning: graphic content. Attorneys for the family of Freddy Centeno released video that shows him being shot and fatally wounded by Fresno police officers on Sept. 3, 2015. The footage comes from the officers' body cameras. The law firm created the enhanced versions shown here. Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the video distorts the actual events.

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April: Security camera shows car running over 68-year-old Sikh man

In graphic footage, a car runs down a man in Fresno in December 2015. The victim was a 68-year-old Sikh. Fresno police on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 announced two arrests in connection with the attack.

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May: Canadian couple weds at Cat House on the Kings in Parlier

Louise Veronneau and Dominic Husson, who came from Montreal, are the first to be married at the cat sanctuary. Lynea Lattanzio, owner of The Cat House on the Kings, served as officiant for the ceremony on May 17, 2016.

June: A look at the family dogs that killed a 3-day-old girl in Fresno

Two Shar Pei/pit bull mix dogs were quarantined Monday, June 27, 2016, at Central California SPCA following the overnight death of a 3-day-old girl in Fresno. Officials said the dogs will be euthanized.

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July: Witness captures final moments of Dylan Noble shooting

A witness' video obtained by The Bee shows the final moments when Fresno police officers fired the last two shots at Dylan Noble on June 25, 2016. Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the body camera video of the entire incident shows that Noble continued to make threatening motions. Two shots had already been fired when the witness began recording; at that point, Noble is lying on the ground. The first two shots are included in the body camera video, which Dyer has not released.

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July: Fresno police release body camera video of Dylan Noble shooting

Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer on July 13 released officers' body camera videos from the June 25 fatal shooting of Dylan Noble. The videos are each nearly 15 minutes long, starting with the officers' encounter with a woman who reported seeing a man with a rifle and continuing through the shooting. The Bee has not edited the video but is only showing from when officers first see Noble's pickup pull out from a side street. Because police are not identifying the officers, The Bee has blurred an officer's face.

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August: Police department investigating scuffle between student, officer

Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016, discusses the details and aftermath of a physical struggle between an officer and a Hoover High School student on Monday, Aug. 15. Dyer said the department's internal affairs unit is investigating, and that there is officer body camera video in addition to the video from a bystander that was posted to YouTube.

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September: Sheriff speaks after two officers shot at Fresno County Jail

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims holds a news conference after two sheriff's correctional officers, Toamalama Scanlan and Juanita Davila, were shot in the main lobby of the Fresno County Jail in downtown Fresno on Saturday, September 3, 2016. A suspect, Thong Vang, was arrested.

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October: Watch a simulation of an 8.0 earthquake striking Southern California

Here is a simulation of ground motion after a magnitude 8 earthquake on the San Andreas fault, showing ground shaking throughout southern California for more than 75 seconds after the rupture begins near Parkfield. San Diego Supercomputer Center researchers led the development of the simulation.

November: Cat stuck atop power pole for nine days gets rescued

PG&E workers saved a cat, named Fat Boy, that neighbors said had been stuck on top of a pole without food or water for nine days. The rescue in southwest Fresno happened Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

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December: Chiefs and Raiders fans brawl in stands at Arrowhead Stadium

After the Kansas City Chiefs' 21-13 win over the Oakland Raiders on Thursday, fans fought in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium.