Word on the Street: Martial Arts studio teaches Korean styles, bullying prevention

Tracy Bohren was looking for a change from her six-year massage business when she found martial arts.

Through the website, Bohren was matched with three franchise opportunities that best fit her interests, skills and personality. One was a martial arts business. The other two were a frozen yogurt shop and a quick cut salon. She chose martial arts.

“From the beginning this one stood out for me,” Bohren said. “I had to really believe in the product or service that I was providing. This fell right into that category because it was about helping kids and helping families.”

On Oct. 3, Bohren opened the doors to PRO Martial Arts at the southeast corner of Fowler and Nees avenues in Clovis. The dojo teaches children a combination of three Korean disciplines: Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. It also offers a special component called the ARMOR program which teaches children how to stand tall against bullying behavior and predatory activities.

It’s about “being able to give kids the tools that they need to not be victimized by other kids at school or by adults or peers,” Bohren said. Self-defense techniques are incorporated, but it’s more about educating kids on what to do in certain situations and to build confidence, Bohren said.

Children as young as 3 can enroll in the school. Adult lessons may be added in the future. Bohren is working on opening a second location, possible in northwest Fresno, by next fall.

“I’m loving all the families, kids we have so far,” Bohren said. “Loving to watch them grow to be my first black belts.”

For more information, visit or call 559-717-4270.

BoNhia Lee: 559-441-6495, @bonhialee