After 126 years of milking cows, Hanford dairy is leaving the business. Owner explains why

Giacomazzi Dairy, known as the oldest dairy west of the Rockies, will no longer be known for its cows.

The Hanford dairy auctioned off all of its cattle on Friday after 126 years in business. The bidding took place online and at its dairy on 6th Avenue just east of the city.

The owners had to decide whether to upgrade and invest in their cows, or sell them off and use the space for almond trees, according to Dino Giacomazzi, the dairy manager.

Just because the farm isn’t milking cows anymore, doesn’t mean it’s slowing down, Giacomazzi said. “You’ll still see us at the fairs, the dinners, the weddings, the funerals. We’re still part of this community.”