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DIY: Make a portable propane fire pit out of a flower pot

Outdoor propane fire pits sold at patio furniture stores can be expensive, and wood-burning ones are bad for our air quality. But if you’re handy with a few simple tools, you can build a cleaner-burning propane fire pit for a lot less money in a snap.

I built one using a kit I bought online from easyfirepits.com. For the base of the table, I used a ceramic flower pot large enough to hold a standard 20-pound liquid propane tank. I also bought a 24-inch circular wood tabletop at a local home center. I drilled a hole in the center of the tabletop to fit the burner mounting assembly and then another hole in the side of the flower pot for the key value. I also bought a pizza pan, just a little larger than the burner, which I cut a hole through to go between the table and the burner. I assembled the burner and gas lines as shown in the kit directions.

Once everything is connected and tested for leaks, it’s all set to go. I had mine done in just a few hours. To finish it off nicely, you can stain the wood top and add fire glass to cover the pizza pan and the burner.

Then you’re all set: Relax and enjoy an evening under the stars with a glass of wine, or maybe some marshmallows to roast.

Craig Kohlruss: 559-441-6125, @ck_foto