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Wacky Quesadilla Gorilla truck headed to Fresno

Gourmet quesadillas are headed to Fresno.

Visalia-based restaurant Quesadilla Gorilla now has a food truck and is driving it north – and they hope to open a restaurant in Fresno within a year.

The little restaurant on Visalia’s Main Street that the Bee profiled last year makes all kinds of quesadillas. Customers can build their own by checking off meats, cheeses, fillings and sauce on a piece of paper.

They’ll do that at the truck too, along with quesadilla combinations they’ve already created and tested. That includes the classic with chili verde, black beans, Spanish-style rice and a blend of cheeses.

And yes, they really want to open a restaurant in Fresno, though those plans are in their infant stages.

So where can you get this deliciousness? Since the truck is so new they’re still booking events but hope to make it to food truck events at Gazebo Gardens, Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co. and CArtHop in Fresno. And they’re available for private events like weddings. So keep tabs on their website at, Facebook and Instagram at quesadilla_gorilla to find out where they will be.

Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, check out some of the wackiness that goes on at this place.

Wacky tidbit No. 1: In addition to traditional quesadillas, they’ve got some really creative ones, such as a baked potato quesadilla with potato, cheddar cheese and green onion. There’s also a dessert quesadilla with Nutella and banana.

“We’ve actually done that one with bacon inside of it,” says Miguel Reyes, who owns the restaurant with his wife, Mikayla.

Also, their sauces ranges from mild to “feeling it tomorrow” hot.

Wacky tidbit No. 2: The name. I was surprised to hear Reyes deliberately mispronounce it as “QuesaDILLa Gorilla,” playfully pronouncing the Ls in quesadilla so it rhymes with gorilla.

They usually call it that or apply the Spanish pronunciation to the whole name so it rhymes: “Quesadilla Gor-REE-ah.”

Wacky tidbit No. 3: The restaurant on Main Street is so tiny that the food truck actually has a bigger kitchen. Seriously, they have a flat-top grill and oven in the restaurant, but no burners or friers.

Not-so-wacky tidbit: According to Reyes, the food truck rules in Visalia aren’t as friendly as in Fresno. Sounds like that’s changing, but in the meantime Fresnans will get to eat unusual quesadillas because it’s easier to sell here.

But a nursery in Tulare is hoping to start a Gazebo Gardens-style food truck night. The Gardens at Cal Turf, 950 N. J St., is already doing special events with food trucks and booths and movies – including food from Quesadilla Gorilla.

One of The Gardens’ owners, Devon Brown, says she’d love to start a regular food truck night and is reaching out to truck owners. It may start out as an every-other-week event.

The nursery, which has a demonstration gardens to stroll through, also has an ideal area for food trucks and picnics. It has a tree-lined space with bistro tables and a big grassy area where people bring blankets and chairs.

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