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Retail Therapy: Spotlight on fun and funky T-shirts in Fresno

Fresno artist Jason Bonilla sells T-shirts like this one that says “Baller on a Budget” as part of his broader business.
Fresno artist Jason Bonilla sells T-shirts like this one that says “Baller on a Budget” as part of his broader business. SPECIAL TO THE BEE

As a retail reporter, I run across a lot of cool stuff in the course of writing about trends and keeping tabs on local stores.

It doesn’t always make it into columns, so sometimes you’ve just got to collect all that awesome, put in one place and let it shine.

That’s what we’re doing here with T-shirts. This town has lots of fun T-shirts, artsy T-shirts, funny T-shirts and one with a cause. Here’s a few.

How very “Kalefornia”

What: The people behind the Old Town Clovis Farmers Market are selling this clever saying on a T-shirt in men’s and women’s sizes.

Cost: $15

Where to buy: At the Friday night farmers market, 5:30-9 p.m. Look for the Business Organization of Old Town Clovis booth by the arbor on Pollasky Avenue between Fourth and Fifth streets.

Animal art

What: Fresno-based artist Corrine M. Bell prints animals — stags, cats, armadillos, whatever — on shirts, dresses, onesies and more. The images are prints made from ink applied to hand-carved art-grade linoleum.

Cost: Shirts $20 - $22.

Where to buy: Yoshi Now! 648 Broadway St., at occasional Art Hop events or by special order via Facebook, email at or Instagram at corrinebell.

T-shirts for a good cause

What: German Cervantes, a 20-year-old with autism, doesn’t want other kids with autism to go through the bullying he did. So the Reedley College student from Dinuba is selling shirts that raise awareness of autism. The profits go to charities such as at the Fresno State Autism Center.

The shirt features a Superman symbol with an A for autism and puzzle pieces that symbolizes the complexity of Austism Spectrum Disorder. The back has the word autism and a ribbon that symbolizes autism awareness.

Cost: $20.

Where to buy: Cervantes is just getting this project off the ground, so you may catch him at selling at various sporting events or festivals in Dinuba or Fresno. To special order, contact him at or (559) 591-1534.

Life inspires art

What: Fresno artist Jason Bonilla was at Champlain Drive and Perrin Avenue when he saw a beat up Mercedes that looked like it was frowning. “It must have been a baller. It probably is a baller on budget,” he thought, and the tank top was born. T-shirts aren’t his main business, but he does some modern, fun ones that you can see at

Cost: $30.

Where to buy: He invites the public to visit him at his art studio at M Street Art Complex, 1419 M St. or call him at (559) 300-0061. You can also see his work on his Facebook page and Instagram.

Fun and girly

What: Tank tops with fun sayings are getting increasingly popular and The Foundry Collective in Clovis can barely keep these in stock, says the owner. In true summer fashion, one says “Sunglasses + mimosas” and the other implores people to “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty.”

Cost: $21.95.

Where to buy: The Foundry Collective, 516 Fifth St., Clovis.

From insult to T-shirt

What: Peeve’s Public House & Local Market on the Fulton Mall got a bad review on from Ben P. saying it was“the hummingbird feeder of the Hipster animal kingdom.” But instead of crying in their craft beer about it, the hipsters at Peeve’s proudly slapped the phrase on a T-shirt and are selling it.

Cost: $20.

Where to buy: Peeve’s, 1243 Fulton Mall.

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