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Marie Callender’s is the fourth pie place in Fresno to close recently. Here’s who’s left

News that Marie Callender’s Restaurant & Bakery had closed both its Fresno restaurants Monday took people by surprise.

“Where will we get our pie?” was a question on the lips of many Fresnans Monday.

To add insult to injury, it’s not the only business known for its pies that has closed recently. At least three other locally owned ones have too.

The iconic Grandmarie’s Chicken Pie Shop closed earlier this year.

Then Tree of Life restaurant, which started downtown and then relocated to north Fresno, closed in June. It carried all kinds of pies, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Sweet Delicates, a little bakery in Clovis, also closed. It carried pies and all kinds of baked goods.

But there are several bakeries in the Fresno area still making pies. It might not be as easy as swinging by Marie Callender’s at the last minute and having plenty of pies to choose from, however.

Local bakeries tend to have mini pies on hand. They make full-size pies too, but don’t expect a big variety to be sitting on the bakery shelf. If you want a full-size pie for an event, or want a specific flavor, always call ahead and order, preferably at least two days ahead of time.

The bakeries

Chiffonos Bakery, 1512 E. Champlain Dr., Fresno. 559-433-9066. This bakery usually has mini pies on hand, including pecan, peach and lemon meringue. Full-size pies include lemon meringue, pumpkin, pecan, apple and berry.

Eddie’s Bakery, 7089 N. Cedar Ave., Fresno. 559-323-0900. Eddie’s can do all kinds of pies, including apple, cherry and peach with lattice tops, and a Jack Daniels chocolate pecan pie.

La Boulangerie de France, Fig Garden Village, Fresno. 559-222-0555. This longtime bakery sells hundreds upon hundreds of pumpkin, pecan and apple pies during the holidays. They can also make fruit pies, including blueberry, peach or cherry, during other times of the year.

Frosted Cakery, 1292 N. Wishon Ave., Fresno. 559-917-8880. Known for its cupcakes, this Tower District bakery often has mini pies. If you want a full-size pie, call ahead and order. Options include a pumpkin mascarpone, caramel apple spice, pecan and peach pies.

Acevedos Postreria Gourmet, 1134 E. Champlain Drive, (559) 712-4500. This new bakery at Champlain and Perrin makes mini and regular sized pies, along with it other cakes and baked goods. Make a special order if you want a specific flavor. Their peach cobbler pie is the most popular.

Bella Rose Bakery, 1537 Lincoln St., Kingsburg. 559-419-9054. This bakery is known for its pies. Choose from: Apple, apple streusel, banana cream, chocolate cream, coconut cream, pumpkin, pecan, chocolate pecan and pumpkin pecan pies.

Parisien Bakery, 401 Clovis Ave., (559) 940-7392 and the Le Parisien Cafe, 7775 N. Palm Ave. , (559) 436-4531. The shops have different owners, but they both sell individual-sized pies daily and full-size pie via special order. Options include all sorts of fruit pies, including apple, blueberry and more.

Grocery stores

Many grocery stores have ready-made pies. Some bake them fresh in their in-house bakeries.

Some easy places to find them: Locally owned The Market at Herndon and West avenues, Whole Foods (which also sells half pies), Costco, Sprouts, Winco, Sam’s Club, Save Mart and Vons.

Other pie makers

Summertime Pies, (559) 326-7294 is a food truck that sells lots of mini pies, everything from chocolate chip cookie pie to several kinds of fruit pies.

They also do full-size pies by special order.

You can find their truck at Gazebo Gardens from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Fridays at Shields Avenue and Van Ness Boulevard, and Enzo’s Table, at Shepherd and Willow avenues in Clovis, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturdays.

Ooh De Lolli Kitchen Works & Fine Edibles (who you may know also from the Ooh De Lolli popsicle cart), also sells special-order pies. They are made with whole wheat butter crusts.

Options include a dark chocolate salted caramel pie, fuyu persimmon custard pie, a vegan raw chocolate pie and several kinds of fruit pies.

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