Bethany Clough

What do Cupid and farmers market at Fresno’s River Park have in common? Free chocolate

Cupid is typically a little cherubic baby in diapers shooting his arrows at people who then fall madly in love.

A version of Cupid will be at the River Park Farmer’s Market Tuesday, Feb. 12 in Fresno. This one is all grown up with some big muscles, and no diapers involved. Just a toga and some sandals.

The gimmick is a way to get people excited about the farmers market but it could mean free chocolate and gifts for people who attend.

This Cupid will be at the River Park Farmer’s Market Tuesday giving away gifts. California Fresh Farmers Market Association

Here’s how it works:

Cupid will be aiming his soft arrows at unsuspecting couples (no word on whether single people will be targeted). Those who get “shot” will get a gift.

The gifts have been donated by 50 farmers market vendors. The market, which runs from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesdays, features vendors selling fruit, vegetables, nuts, coffee, succulents, baked goods, handmade items and food trucks, including a cupcake food truck.

All farmers market goers – whether single or not – will get free chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

A performance by musician Amanda Duran is also free.

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