Bethany Clough

Sneak peek: Haron Jaguar’s Super Bowl commercial is advertising downtown Fresno – and cars

Haron Jaguar Land Rover’s new commercial is as much about Fresno as it is about selling luxury cars.

The downtown dealership released a sneak peek of a commercial it will air during the Super Bowl.

It is slick.

It’s shot almost entirely in downtown Fresno, with a few scenes of farmers in fields and nearby national parks. The footage includes several scenes from the newly-reopened Fulton Street.

It features the new dealership that the company built on Ventura Street, and by extension, the company’s choice to stay downtown and build its new glass-fronted building instead of moving north.

“This isn’t L.A. or San Francisco, this is Fresno and there’s a lot to be proud of,” said Randy Haron.

“So the next time somebody asks you where you’re from, tell ‘em, ‘I’m Fresno Proud,” Haron adds. 

The commercial ends with the #FresnoProud and “the story continues Super Bowl Sunday 2019.”