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Macy’s Woman closes, other shopping news

Victoria’s Secret at Fashion Fair has finished its remodel and now has a separate PINK store selling underwear, Fresno State shirts and workout wear.
Victoria’s Secret at Fashion Fair has finished its remodel and now has a separate PINK store selling underwear, Fresno State shirts and workout wear.

There’s some moving and shaking in the Fresno shopping scene lately with a closure, two openings and some makeovers of existing stores.

Here’s what you need to know.


Macy’s Woman at Fashion Fair mall has closed. Note I said “Macy’s Woman,” not the main three-story Macy’s at the end of the mall. Macy’s Woman carried women’s plus sizes in a separate store.

Neither Macy’s nor the mall are talking about the closure. And it’s not clear if any of those larger sizes will be transferred to the main store – a move that already underserved plus-size shoppers will watch for.

The Macy’s Men’s & Children’s store in the middle of the mall is still open and a closure is “not on the table for us as far as we know,” says Brian Malony, Fashion Fair’s senior manager.

Back in August, Macy’s announced it would close 100 full-line stores nationwide. The company hasn’t provided a list of the closures, but says most will close in early 2017.

While the Fashion Fair Macy’s appears healthy and busy, the company did not comment on the future of local stores.

The Macy’s at Visalia Mall landed on a report of 28 stores that are at an “elevated risk” of closing, according to a Morningstar Credit Ratings report. The stores had below average sales of of $169 per square foot in 2014, the report said.

Victoria’s Secret

Bright pink and giant polka dots greet shoppers at Fashion Fair’s Victoria’s Secret now that its remodel is finished. The store had shrunk down to small temporary quarters as it revamped and expanded.

Now, PINK, the Victoria’s Secret brand aimed at a younger women that skews more cute than sexy, is essentially its own store with its own registers.

The changes allow PINK to carry more lines than it had when it was a section inside Victoria’s Secret.

PINK is selling a collection of Fresno State branded clothing, including a long-sleeve “boyfriend jersey” T-shirt and a sweatshirt with a blinged-out bulldog paw print.

The extra space also means there’s a little more room for the frenzy of customers that typically surrounds the five for $27.50 undies table.

For Victoria’s Secret proper, the changes include a new look and a little more room for everything, perfume, bralettes and athletic wear.

Calendars and games

Calendar lovers, take note, the seasonal Go! Calendars and Games is open next door to Victoria’s Secret – and it’s bigger than the calendar kiosk the mall typically gets for the holidays.

The store carries all kinds of calendars – everything from the “Bohemian Rooster” calendar with colorful painted images of roosters to a “Hot Guys and Baby Animals” calendar.

It also has coloring books for adults, games, toys and stuffed animals.

Habitat ReStore

Across town, Habitat for Humanity Fresno has opened its second ReStore, selling everything from office furniture to decorative ceramic bunnies.

The Bee’s real estate reporter BoNhia Lee told readers last week about the store, at 4065 W, Shaw Ave., Suite 105, on the southwest corner of Shaw and Brawley avenues in Fresno. The Clovis ReStore remains open at 1631 Railroad Ave. behind Lowe’s.

The Fresno location is a little higher end than the Clovis one, says lead salesman Steve Kramer. The store sells both new and used items. Some are donated by individuals and some by companies who have too much of a certain product, like the dozens of unopened 5-gallon cans of ocean blue paint.

The back of the store is full of desks, conference room tables and chairs, and more furniture. Smaller items are in front, including light fixtures, safety glasses and hundreds of painting supplies like brushes, rollers, etc.

JCPenney Home

At the other end of town, the JCPenney Home Store in River Park has started carrying appliances, adding them to its collection of curtains, bedding and furniture.

The store has between 100 and 215 models of refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers on display.

When the company first started testing selling appliances, it noted that women are the key decision maker in buying appliances (in fact, women make 85 percent of consumer purchases overall) and since 70 percent of JCPenney shoppers are women, the company decided to go for it.

The store offers no-interest financing, free delivery and a price-match guarantee.

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