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Flamin’ Hot Cheetos meet Mexican food in Fresno – and a soft, red taco shell is formed

If you like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos as well as Mexican food, you’ll want to try the specialty menu at El Parian in southeast Fresno.

There’s a Hot Cheetos taco that comes in a vibrant red shell, which is made partly from blended Hot Cheetos.

There’s the Hot Cheetos burrito, stuffed with lots of Hot Cheetos, as well as lots of meat.

They even have Hot Cheetos corn, which looks so red on a stick from the sprinkled Hot Cheetos crumbles that it could be mistaken from afar as a huge lollipop.

“They’re all really good – all very delicious,” says Issamar Sepulveda, who along with husband Juan Damian, owns El Parian, which is a taqueria/minimart.

El Parian certainly didn’t invent the Hot Cheetos/Mexican cuisine.

But they’ve surely provided a twist in Fresno that makes their version memorable.

Especially compared to basic versions of Hot Cheetos foods when people merely add Hot Cheetos in a sandwich or taco.

Known for its fresh, handmade tortillas, El Parian creates its Hot Cheetos taco shell by combining corn masa with blended Hot Cheetos. Then, they lightly fry one side of the tortilla to give the shell a semi-soft feel.

After the customer’s choice of meat, the inside of the taco shell is filled with cheese, sour cream and avocado. Then, El Parian lightly sprinkles a bit more Hot Cheetos dust atop the dish to give it more color.

And many have taken notice, on social media and in person.

A Facebook post showcasing El Parian’s Hot Cheetos food generated close to 100 shares.

“That looks bomb,” a male patron said after seeing photos of El Parian’s Hot Cheetos dishes after he picked up his order of regular Mexican food. “I’m going to have to come back with my wife so we can both try it.”

A Hot Cheetos Taco costs $2.99. A Hot Cheetos corn is $2.49. And a Hot Cheetos burritos goes for $7.49.

El Parian is located at 3804 E. Butler Avenue, about a block west of the Butler and Cedar intersection.

Bryant-Jon Anteola: 559-441-6362, @Banteola_TheBee

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