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Is Fresno a staycation destination? Survey says, not really

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Because triple-digit-summer weather has officially descended on Fresno (and in light of Rory Appleton’s recent post about city-ranking surveys), I’ll pass along this list of the best and worst cities for staycations. The list, from personal-finance website WalletHub, helps “Americans find the best staycation spots in the U.S. — and the ones worth leaving home for,” which seems a little like playing both sides of the field, though I guess a good staycation spot is likely good for tourists, too?

Any guess on how Fresno ranked?

The city came it at No. 144. Just above Fort Worth, TX, at turns out. And just below Los Angeles (at 143), which should raise some questions about the methodology, here. As should Fresno’s rank (123rd) for the number of cultural attractions (theater and concerts) per capita. This city can be culturally backward, but not that backward.

If you take this list at face value – as a good bit of info-tainment – you can overlook any questions in the methodology. Though, I will point out that one of the categories weighted under “food and entertainment” is the cost of bowling. Bowling; which was a thing people did in the ’60s and have barely held on to (and mostly, ironically) since. I’m saying this as someone who has bowled more games (recreationally and competitively) than most.

Still, I’m going to call BS on the survey, just to save us all the time and energy of having to defend Fresno (or condemn it as a hell mouth).

And to make up for mostly rehashing the findings of said survey, I’ll leave you with three Fresno staycations you could try this summer (check out these two lists from Kathy Mahan while you’re at it):

The beer-cation

One of the high points from the survey was Fresno’s rank (75th) in the number of beer gardens per capita.

Not sure what constitutes a beer garden, but there has been an up-tick in the number of craft breweries popping up lately. You could try to hit them all.

Here’s a partial list to get you started:

▪ Tioga Sequoia

▪ House of Pendragon

▪ South Gate Brewing Company

▪ Full Circle Brewing Co.

▪ Tactical Ops Brewing (formerly Black Ops)

The Fres-cation

OK, how long have you lived in Fresno? And you’ve never been to the Forestiere Underground Gardens, or Storyland or Playland, or the Chaffee Zoo, or Meux Home or Kearney Mansion? You’ve never eaten from a taco truck, or had Fresno State corn, or bought locally buzzed honey from a farmer’s market or sweated profusely while watching “Hamlet” in the park, or done any of the things that are truly and authentically Fresno?

Well, you could do that.

The National-Park-ation

Seriously, nature is awesome and Fresno is surrounded by it. There are two of national parks (Sequoia and Kings Canyon and Yosemite) within a two-hour car ride, which means totally doable as a day trip for a quick breath of fresh air.

Joshua Tehee: 559-441-6479, @joshuatehee