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The Jaguar Club stops in Fresno on its first West Coast tour

New York indie band The Jaguar Club plays Thursday, May 18 at Peeve’s Public House.
New York indie band The Jaguar Club plays Thursday, May 18 at Peeve’s Public House. Special to The Bee

The Jaguar Club is new to the West Coast.

The electo-pop band swings through California next week, opening select dates for the Scottish indie-rock band Idlewild, and playing a trio of its own headlining gigs, including Thursday, May 19 at Peeve’s Public House, with local bands Amoret and Sci-Fi Caper.

It’s the first time the band has visited most of these cities.

“I’ve never been to Fresno. I’ve never been to Oakland. I spent like one day in San Francisco,” says Will Popadic, the band’s singer/guitarist. He did live in Los Angeles, once upon a time, but hasn’t been back in a decade or more.

The fact The Jaguar Club is here it all is thanks to Idlewild, who asked the band to accompany them on its West Coast tour, not realizing perhaps, the geographic difference between the East and West coasts Popadic says.

“I guess they really like us,” he says.

And vice-versa. Popadic was a huge fan of the band when he was in college.

“For years, I was super, deeply into them.”

The Jaguar Club has a reputation for sweaty energetic live shows and extensive touring on the East Coast. Over the years the band has landed opening gigs with the likes of The Joy Formidable and Ra Ra Rio (and Idlewild).

The band is heavy with new wave influences (Echo and the Bunnymen, for one) and shoegaze atmospherics, set with Popadic’s soaring, anthemic vocal melodies. It’s a long way from the band’s beginning as a trio and essentially wanted to be Joy Division, Popadic says. The original lineup of The Jaguar Club disbanded in 2010 and Popadic was in an electronic group that lasted for three years, “and no one seemed to care about,” he says.

When he reunited The Jaguar Club, with its original bassist Yoichiro Fujita, “a lot of that electronic band stuck around.”

The Jaguar Club’s latest EP “Closer” is out now.

The Jaguar Club

  • W/Amoret and Sci-Fi Caper
  • 8 p.m. Thursday, May 19
  • At Peeve’s Public House, 1243 Fulton Mall
  • Free
  • 559-573-5735,