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Danzig reunites original Misfits for Riot Fest

A flier for Chicago’s Riot Fest, which will include a reunion of the original Misfits.
A flier for Chicago’s Riot Fest, which will include a reunion of the original Misfits. Special to The Bee

Organizers of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival destroyed the concept of reality for many music fans when it announced that a reunited Guns N’ Roses (with Axl and Slash not only in the same room, but the same stage) would be playing the festival this year.

Well, Chicago’s Riot Fest just upped the surrealist ante by announcing its headliner this year will be the original Misfits: As in Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only and Doyle (no one cares about drummers, apparently).

If you don’t know, Misfits were a mostly obscure ’80s punk band that earned a cult following with for horror-themed sing-along anthems. That cult included dudes like Cliff Burton of Metallica and only grew in size after Misfits disbanded in 1983 and Danzig went on to fairly mainstream success with a dirty-blues metal band under his own name.

Only and Doyle put out pair of albums as the Misfits in 1990s (with singer Michael Graves) and Danzig has taken to playing mini-Misfits sets in recent years, but the idea of an actual reunion with these three players was something that, until the very moment of the announcement, I thought I’d never see.

Part of me still wonders if this is a hoax.

Part of me hopes that it might be.

Let me be a total killjoy and say these kind of reunions seem empty to me. I love the Misfits. I do. Hearing “Evilive” as a high-school freshman was a life-changing event and I’ve spent a lot of time listening to (and playing) Misfits songs. So, the prospect of hearing these guys play these songs together on stage is exciting. But it also feels a bit forced; like we (as fans) are trying to recreate a moment in time that has passed (sad as that may be).

This is probably me thinking too much, so I’ll just go listen to “Collection I” and be happy.

Anyway, here’s a list of bands I would like to see more than the Misfits reunion.


American Sharks

The Bronx

The Frights


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