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Steve Austin named dropped Fresno. Did hot sauce and steel chairs affect his memory?

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin

Fans of the web series “Hot Ones” know that host Sean Evans does his homework.

The celebrity interviews — done while eating increasingly spicy hot chicken wings — can get deep into the trivia.

That much was evident in the season nine finale that featured WWE superstar (and reality TV host) Stone Cold Steve Austin sharing stories about his time in the biz. Like the time he “let the caboose loose” during a match in South Africa.

Or the time he caused $10,000 worth of damage during a grocery-store brawl with Booker T.

“That is indeed what I heard the total damage was,” Austin said when asked whether the story was fact or fiction.

“I believe that was called the Green Frog. I think it was in Fresno, California, if I am not mistaken.”

He was mistaken.

As one Reddit user pointed out (and Austin himself later confirmed on Twitter), the store was actually in Bakersfield.

“My mistake. Hot sauce and steel chairs can have an effect on your long term memory,” Austin wrote in a tweet.

Not that Austin didn’t have at least one memorable moment in Fresno. After all, it was at Selland Arena in 1998 when he raised hell with none other than Mike Tyson during an episode of “Monday Night Raw.”

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