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Pizza place wants to lock up your phone while you eat. There’s free food in it for you

The Curry Pizza Company wants diners to lock up their phones while they eat.

It’s a voluntary thing, just for the length of the meal and they’re giving an incentive — free food the next time around.

“Our goal is to get families/friends to stop using their phones while eating and talk to each other and communicate more,” the restaurant wrote in a post on its Facebook page announcing the “Talk to Each Other Discount.”

The offer is available dine-in only at the restaurant’s location at Willow and Nees avenues to parties of four or more. Everyone at the table must have a phone, which will be placed in a locker until everyone has finished eating.

It’s a take on the phone-stack game.

For their effort, diners will received a free large pizza (per group) on the next visit.

There is a mandatory 24-hour wait.

The pizzas can also be donated, according to the post. The restaurant will add it to the pizzas they take to homeless in downtown Fresno each month.

The Curry Pizza Company opened its first location in 2017 at 3173 W. Shaw Ave. near Marks Avenue. The second spot at the northwest corner of Willow and Nees avenues opened earlier this year. It has more seating and a emphasis on craft beer.

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