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Still one degree separation from Kevin Federline

Natasha Bassett stars in “Britney Ever After.”
Natasha Bassett stars in “Britney Ever After.” Lifetime

It’s difficult to remember how many times I have tried to get an interview with Fresno’s Kevin Federline either during his marriage to Britney Spears or for his work on reality shows. I was never able to arrange an opportunity to talk.

It looks like the closest I will get is talking to Clayton Chitty, who plays Federline in the upcoming Lifetim movie, “Britney Ever after.” The two-hour biopic looks at Spears’ rise to fame, fall from grace and her bouncing back. I have put in a request to talk to Chitty and waiting on a reply.

Chitty is a Canadian actor show has made a handful of guest appearances including roles on “The Man in the High Castle,” “Arrow” and “Electric Woman and Dyna Girl.”

Spears is being portrayed by Natasha Bassett, a New South Wales native, who appeared in “Camp,” “Rake” and “Hail, Caesar!” Now she gets to play the pop singer from Louisiana whose career ranges from musical highs to head shaving lows.

There will be more on the cable movie when we get closer to the Feb. 18 debut. Until then, check out this trailer