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Hunter and the Dirty Jacks bring bluesy rock vibe to Fulton 55

California blues-rock band Hunter and the Dirty Jacks play Thursday, September 22 at Fulton 55.
California blues-rock band Hunter and the Dirty Jacks play Thursday, September 22 at Fulton 55. Special to The Bee

Hunter and the Dirty Jacks is a melting pot of a group, with a sound that runs from bluesy jam-band rock and roll to back-porch country twang, depending on the crowd and the night.

“You’ve got to see a few shows to get a feel for what we do,” says guitarist Jon Siembieda, on the phone in advance of the band’s tour stop, Thursday, September 22 at Fulton 55.

The southern Californian band started its career with a Tuesday night residency at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica. It was a year and a half of playing backup for blues players stopping through the area, Siembieda says.

“We cut out teeth playing with some of the greatest blues guys.”

So, the Dirty Jacks play at least some blues at every show.

They’ve also been known to play some stripped down country-ish tunes – think standup bass and resonator guitars. The band’s latest album, “Mixed Company and the Midnight Hokum” is that kind of all-acoustic performance, recorded live without overdubs in front of 40 or so Hunter and the Dirty Jacks fans. It’s studio debut on the other hand, is a full-on electric rock record.

“Single Barrel,” was picked up by Spectra Music Group (home to Fresno’s own Russian Money) earlier this year and already the band has licensing deals with NASCAR and a slew of reality TV programming, including “Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too.”

Of course, the band looks to set its vibe for the night, regardless of what tunes are on the list, and long before the first note have even been played, Siembieda says. Partly, that’s a matter of band aesthetic, in particular that of front man Hunter Ackerman, who comes across like a rock-and-roll cowboy pirate with a leather holster for a pair of drum mallets and drinking from an animal horn.

“Hunter embraces being the front man with a little flash,” Siembieda says.

“He prides himself on it being a show,” he says.

Hunter and The Dirty Jacks

W/the AC/DC tribute Fuse Box

  • 8 p.m. Thursday, September 22
  • Fulton 55, 875 Divisadero St.
  • $10
  • 559-412-7400,