Moby Dick, Snoopy, Frankenstein featured in March 8 DVD releases

A whale of a tail tops this week’s new DVD releases.

“In the Heart of the Sea,” Grade 1/2: A real-life battle with a huge whale serves as the inspiration for “Moby Dick.” Ron Howard directs and Chris Hemsworth stars.

Howard not only recounts the telling of the whale of a tale to Herman Melville by one of the last survivors of the ill-fated mission, but he also focuses on the brutality of the whaling industry and the men who went through the ordeal.

“The Peanuts Movie,” Grade 1/2: Charlie Brown and the gang are back for more adventures, including Snoopy’s heroic flying. The animated film from the company that produced “Rio” and “Ice Age” is a loving tribute to the characters first introduced through the creative talents of Charles Schulz.

It has a colorfulness and energy that will introduce a new generation of fans to this gang, while adhering to the deep emotions with which Schulz infused his work.

“Victor Frankenstein,” Grade 1/2: The tale of the doctor’s quest to create life is told from Igor’s point of view. Daniel Radcliffe stars.

Dr. Frankenstein’s efforts to create life out of mismatched pieces ended in disaster. Efforts by director Paul McGuigan to create the movie “Victor Frankenstein” out of mismatched pieces also results in catastrophe.

Also new on DVD and streaming March 8:

▪ “Macbeth”: Michael Fassbender stars in the latest film adaptation of Shakespeare.

▪ “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”: Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) rebuilds her life after 15 years in an underground doomsday cult.

▪ “Grease Live!”: Julianne Hough stars.

▪ “Out of the Inferno”: Two brothers evacuate a burning skyscraper.

▪ “You’re Killing Me”: Internet star begins dating a serial killer.

▪ “NOVA: Life’s Rocky Start”: Life’s seemingly improbable start on Earth.

▪ “Coming Home”: Couple try to find each other after being divided by prison and health issues.

▪ “The Golden Boots”: Peppa Pig is back for more adventures.

▪ “Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Tales”: Blythe and her friends tangle with witches.

▪ “Nature: Natural Born Hustlers”: Animals go to great lengths to survive.

▪ “The Spoils of Babylon”: Parody of TV movies.

▪ “Ukraine Is Not a Brothel”: Untold story of the feminist movement of FEMEN.

▪ “Frankenstein”: Mary Shelly’s novel is adapted for a modern age. Helen McCrory stars.

▪ “Kung-Fu Master”: A 40-year-old woman finds herself falling in love with a 14-year-old.

▪ “Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 3”: Jaden and his friends enter their third year at Duel Academy.

▪ “When the Heart Calls: It Begins With Heart”: Big revelations are in store for Hope Valley.

▪ “The Mask You Live In”: Look at how notions of masculinity are instilled in American boys.

▪ “Community: The Complete Final Season”: Further adventures of the community college gang.

▪ “Hogan’s Heroes: The Complete Series”: Includes 168 episodes of the CBS comedy.

▪ “Manhattan: Season 2”: Team continues to work on creating nuclear bomb.

▪ “Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2”: James Merendino returns to the wild world of Salt Lake City punk’s underground.

▪ “10,000 km”: Love story about the challenges of a long distance relationship.

▪ “The Bible Stories: Abraham”: Ordinary man is called upon by God to show his unwavering faith.

▪ “Open Season: Scared Silly”: Comedic mystery adventure directed by David Feiss.

Available on Digital HD March 8:

▪ “Daddy’s Home”: Father and stepfather battle for attention of children. Will Ferrell stars.

▪ “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2”: Katniss Everdeen faces her final battles.

▪ “Beyond Beyond”: Jonah goes on a journey to find his mother.

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