Watch as Fresno creators of ‘Star Wars’ tribute video meet ‘Force Awakens’ stars on ‘Good Morning America’

The Fresno folks who assembled a loving, albeit low-low-budget, video tribute to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” rubbed shoulders with the real thing Wednesday in New York, meeting two of the movie’s actors during a appearance on “Good Morning America.”

John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, who play lead characters Finn and Rey in the film, welcomed Brandon Jackson and Kia Vassiliades, their counterparts in the cheaply filmed (on purpose) version of a “Force Awakens” trailer. Jackson and Vassiliades were joined by the video’s creators, Bryan Harley and Roque Rodriguez, the guys behind the YouTube channel Dumb Drum and Swede Fest.

The quartet was interviewed by “GMA’s” news anchor Amy Robach. Harley got in a nice name-drop for Fresno and the festival.

It took the local filmmakers three weeks working after hours and on weekends to build all of the sets and props for “The Force Awakens” Swede. One of the cardinal rules of a Swede is that everything on screen has to be made from materials at hand. No visual effects are allowed.

Harley said before heading to New York that he suspected they might meet the “Star Wars” actors, as he knew Boyette and Ridley were scheduled to be on the show Wednesday.

This afternoon, Rodriguez posted on his Facebook that they also did interviews with “Inside Edition.”

“So in another random twist, INSIDE EDITION swooped us up for an interview that might air tonight so if you see it, let me know (smile emoticon),” he wrote.

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