How Fresno are you? See how many of these cultural treasures you can check off

The Big Fresno Fair started its run this week, drawing flocks of Fresnans back to the fairgrounds.

Because, well, it just wouldn’t be fall in Fresno without a visit to the fair.

But what are other traditions that distinguish “The No” from other cities?

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The Fresno Bee

From enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown right here in the Valley to complaining about how hot it is during the summers, some traditions are easily identifiable and relate to all in the 559.

With more than 70 ethnic groups in the metropolitan area, the Fresno experience can be quite different for each person.

But that diversity is also what stands out about Fresno.

For example, can you name another place where there’s both a strong Armenian and Hmong presence?

Fresno might not look like the stereotypical California with the beaches and the big city life. But among the benefits of being in Fresno and central California is the convenience in visiting either NorCal or SoCal and not have to put up with those regions’ much higher costs of living.

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