‘Because of Grácia’ combines teen flick with Christian themes

Moriah Peters, left, and Chris Massoglia star in “Because of Grácia.”
Moriah Peters, left, and Chris Massoglia star in “Because of Grácia.” YouTube

Because of Grácia” brings Christian values and a contemporary tale to movie theaters in select cities Friday, including Maya Fresno 16.

The movie stars former “American Idol” contestant Moriah Peters, Chris Massoglia and John Schneider, who rose to fame as one of the heartthrobs in the 1980s TV hit “Dukes of Hazzard.”

“Because of Grácia” is Canadian director Tom Simes’ U.S. breakthrough. The movie portrays the lives of two high school couples as they explore friendship and dating along dissimilar lines that lead to courage and transformation for one teen and a personal crisis for another.

Peters, 24, tried out for “Idol” while in high school in Pomona and says now that the judges’ advice included: “Go out and kiss someone that will make you feel sexy.” She left there and embarked on a Christian music career and now is making her acting debut.

Massoglia, the 25-year-old from Minnesota who’s paired with Peters as the movie’s power couple, says, “Relationships, sex, and dating are all issues I’ve had questions about, and ‘Because of Grácia’ offers an alternative perspective to these topics from what our generation is hearing in the world and media today.”

Box Office Revolution, a site for Christian movie news and reviews, says “Because of Grácia” “lends great encouragement to the slow but sure turnaround and upward trend of Christian film.”

Because of Grácia

Cast: Moriah Peters, Chris Massoglia, John Schneider, Masey McLain, Ben Davies

Director: Tom Simes

107 minutes

Rated PG-13 (thematic material)