10 things you need to know about ‘Doctor Strange’

“Doctor Strange” is one of the lesser known characters in the Marvel Universe. I thought I would pass on 10 items that might help you sound like a huge fan when you talk about the movie based on the Marvel Comics character that opens Friday, Nov. 4.

1. The character of “Doctor Strange” first appeared in “Strange Tales” No. 110 that published in July 1963. It wasn’t until “Strange Tales” No. 115 that his origin was told.

2. Doctor Strange is the creation of Steve Ditko. His artwork had a heavy influence on the look of the movie.

3. During filming of “Doctor Strange” in New York, star Benedict Cumberbatch went into a comic book store dressed in his Doctor Strange costume. The clerk told him if the acting career didn’t work out he would hire Cumberbatch to stock shelves. The only stipulation was he had to keep his American accent.

4. As many as 100 people worked in the costume department.

5. The biggest concern by the costume department was getting Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation right. There were 18 different cloaks used in the filming.

6. That’s 12 more cloaks than the number of Lamborghinis used in the filming.

7. The movie was shot in New York, London, Hong Kong and Kathmandu.

8. Doctor Stephen Strange was a brilliant neurosurgeon before an accident forced him to change careers. Cumberbatch spent time with real surgeons to prepare for the role.

9. There were 21 sets built for the filming.

10. The cast members who had to “use magic” were trained by a master so that their hand movements would look correct.

BONUS: There are two special scenes with the final credits.

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