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    Talking dog: 'Problem' pooch may stem from owner's misbehavior

    Last month I had a particularly challenging client to work with, and as usual, I'm not describing the dog. More often than not, what we trainers are called out to work on is a "problem dog," a stubborn dog, a dog that just "won't listen." Usually 90 percent of the issue is the miscommunication between...

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    Pet Vet: Dealing with an itchy problem

    Skin problems, particularly itchy skin problems, can be quite frustrating to deal with, both as a caretaker trying to help our companion, and as a veterinarian with the same goal.

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    Talking Dog: Training and treats can stop leash pulling

    Question: I have taught my dog Brutus to walk on a leash without pulling, which he does perfectly, but only on the way home from the park where he gets to run every day. On the way to the park, he pulls so hard that he retches, and I can hardly control him. I've put a harness on him so he doesn'...

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    Animal Island: Dog doesn't get along with other canines

    Q: My 5-year-old Maltipoo is sweet and lovable, but when she sees another dog, she starts growling and whining. She barks at all breeds, from Yorkies to Great Danes. I would appreciate your advice on what to do when this happens and why she acts this way.

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    Pets of the Week, June 28

    CCSPCA: Charlie is a 2 year old, male, grey and white, Jack Russell Terrier/Terrier blend. Charlie is a mellow fellow that enjoys quiet time. Charlie has been neutered using Zeuterin! Charlie is available for adoption at our CCSPCA Adoption Center. on Sunday June 29th. Animal Center hours are ...

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    SPCA will hold dog-neutering clinic Saturday in San Joaquin

    The Central Valley SPCA will be providing discounted prices on dog neutering in a clinic held Saturday (May 17) in San Joaquin.

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    Pets of the Week, Feb. 8

    Sheba is a striking 8 year old Bengal blend. This beautiful and friendly girl has the most amazing green eyes! We understand that she's come from a home with other cats and that she gets along well with others. She is quick to rub up against your legs and enjoys attention, petting and playing! Her...

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    Pets of the Week, Feb. 1

    Spicy is a 3 month old, female, tan, Terrier. This spunky gal will put a smile on any face! Spicy is available for adoption at our CCSPCA Adoption Center. Animal Center hours are 10am-5pm, 7 days a week (until 6pm on Wednesdays). The CCSPCA is located at 103 S. Hughes Ave. Fresno, CA 93706. For ...

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    Clovis dog butted by goat could be strangest pet insurance claim

    A Clovis dog has been nominated as part of the most unusual pet insurance claim of the year.


    Candidates on Valley economy

    State Senate candidates Andy Vidak, Leticia Perez give their views on fixing Valley economy.

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