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Armen D. Bacon


Armen D. Bacon: Celebrating William Saroyan

My mother knows of my obsession with William Saroyan, and as I begin this essay, she is quick to remind me he ate dinner once at our home in the late ’50s. Neither of us can fill in the narrative of how or why he showed up at our doorstep. Not knowing, of course, creates mystery and intrigue, a sheer heyday for my imagination, although such vague recollection disappoints the yearning to discern details or anything that might bring him back to life.

Armen Bacon

Armen D. Bacon: Arrivals, departures and love – everywhere

The year was 1996, and my husband, Dan, had never stepped foot outside this country. So when I suggested celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in Paris, I knew he would balk but eventually say yes albeit the anxiety of navigating foreign soil, exchanging dollars for francs, and trying to decipher menus written in French.

Armen Bacon

Armen Bacon: Making a choice to #BeBold

I skipped my own Fresno State graduation

Fresno State granted me a liberal arts degree and set of wings that have now transported me all over the world

Returning as often as possible is perhaps my small way of saying thank you to the institution responsible for helping me land more than one dream job

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