Armen Bacon

Armen Bacon

When grief is everywhere

July 17 marked year 12 of son Alex’s passing

This year it is especially daunting since the entire nation also grieves – blanketed in its own unique, complicated sorrow

Grief is not something you get over; any way you get through it is heroic

Armen Bacon

Love: Reimagined

A USA Today newspaper has been left outside my hotel door. Orlando headlines stare me in the face, the world’s sadness palpable – the Do Not Disturb/Privacy sign utterly useless once I have opened the door. Our nation longs for peace, understanding, tolerance, and love. More lives cut short. Forty-nine to be exact. I cannot stop seeing their faces.

Armen Bacon

Living in prime time

Despite presidential candidates showing up in Fresno left and right, politics took a back seat to personal milestones occurring last month in our family. My mother turned 90.

Armen Bacon

Armen Bacon: Fresno, the center of gravity for five writers

I imagine that in the grand scheme of things, it takes an entire lifetime to discover one’s unique blueprint. I learn this lesson every day. At various stages of life, I have hunted down purpose and calling, my raison d’être, each time finding something new or inventive to wrap my arms around, embrace, grab time and attention, inviting me to grow, stretch and see the world through a new lens. Often the journey feels solo and solitary, but in fact, when I open my eyes, there are always a handful of people nearby. Leaning in.

Armen Bacon

Armen D. Bacon: The humans of Fresno

They show up everywhere this time of year. Like extraterrestrials, each one is strategically scattered around the Valley, as if placed there by design to soothe the soul. Their unearthly presence brings a calm blanket of warm thwarting the chill of winter cold. I like to think of them as the humans of Fresno.

Armen Bacon

Armen D. Bacon: The night I met Robert Shapiro

In the days leading up to November, talk of hurricanes and El Niño swirled in my head as I also braced for the emotional turmoil that arrives this time of year. Let’s face it. The holidays bring stress and strain and an unexplained sorrow that permeates even the most dazzling twinkle lights adorning our homes and hearts.

Armen Bacon

Armen D. Bacon: Hello 12; meet my grandson

We both ordered lasagna, and I smiled to myself thinking he inherited my love for wide noodles and cheese smothered in red sauce. Watching him peruse the menu, placing the linen napkin gracefully across his lap (when did he learn to do that?), my eyes moved from his aqua blue shirt to those milk chocolate eyes laced with hazelnut. He was more handsome now than cute. Few remnants of the once little boy remained.

Armen Bacon

Armen D. Bacon: Celebrating William Saroyan

My mother knows of my obsession with William Saroyan, and as I begin this essay, she is quick to remind me he ate dinner once at our home in the late ’50s. Neither of us can fill in the narrative of how or why he showed up at our doorstep. Not knowing, of course, creates mystery and intrigue, a sheer heyday for my imagination, although such vague recollection disappoints the yearning to discern details or anything that might bring him back to life.

Armen Bacon

Armen D. Bacon: Arrivals, departures and love – everywhere

The year was 1996, and my husband, Dan, had never stepped foot outside this country. So when I suggested celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in Paris, I knew he would balk but eventually say yes albeit the anxiety of navigating foreign soil, exchanging dollars for francs, and trying to decipher menus written in French.


Trump motorcade cheered en route to Tulare fundraiser

Donald Trump waves from his vehicle as people cheer the presidential candidate on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016, near Tulare. Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, attended a campaign fundraiser at a nearby ranch.
John Walker The Fresno Bee
Trump motorcade cheered en route to Tulare fundraiser 0:21

Trump motorcade cheered en route to Tulare fundraiser

New Boys and Girls Club opens in Huron 2:28

New Boys and Girls Club opens in Huron

Central Valley assemblymen give opposing views on farmworker overtime bill 7:41

Central Valley assemblymen give opposing views on farmworker overtime bill

'He saw me!' Trump arrives in Fresno 1:33

'He saw me!' Trump arrives in Fresno