Armen Bacon

Armen D. Bacon


Armen D. Bacon: A declaration – and celebration of independence

My personal flight pattern has had bouts of turbulence

Our journeys, no matter how well rehearsed, will grab us by the ankles at some point, trying to take us down

By sharing our collective wounds and scars, they had a chance of morphing into marks of distinction, “beauty marks”

Armen Bacon

Armen Bacon: Making a choice to #BeBold

I skipped my own Fresno State graduation

Fresno State granted me a liberal arts degree and set of wings that have now transported me all over the world

Returning as often as possible is perhaps my small way of saying thank you to the institution responsible for helping me land more than one dream job

Armen Bacon

Armen D. Bacon: An inheritance of humanity

Here we are, commemorating the Armenian Genocide, mourning for those who could not make it out early enough, fortunate to be the seeds of those who did. Am I too late to apologize and acknowledge? To tell my grandmother I finally understand?

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