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5 recipes to make now to get the most out of sweet California cantaloupes

Fresno County is the leading cantaloupe grower in the state

Cantaloupe gets elevated to an ingredient in elegant dinners

Industry is celebrating California Cantaloupe Week

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Partner’s profligate brother raises red flags

Dear Amy: My partner and I have a baby boy and live together. We are nearly 40. We sold our homes during the housing crash of ’08 and got burned. After our son was born, we bought a home together. We’ve become extremely frugal in order to save more for our retirements and the baby’s college tuition.


Take your treadmill to the virtual realm

During the extreme winter of 2009-10, Gary McNamee relied on his treadmill to train for the Boston Marathon. McNamee lives in Hopkinton, where the race starts, but the weather stymied his attempts to go out for a long run.

Ask Amy

Girlfriend proposes proposal from commitment-phobe

Dear Amy: My guy is 28. I am 30. We started dating four years ago. He has commitment issues. He refused to refer to me as his girlfriend for two years. I finally got him to call me his girlfriend after I broke down after his graduation ceremony, where he kept referring to me as his “friend.” After that, we finally were an “official” couple and shortly thereafter, he told me he loved me.

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10 new Valley-made foods you have to try

From locally made dark chocolate with coffee in it to clementine olive oil, 33 new products made their debut last week at a preview event for the Fresno Food Expo. You can try them at the upcoming public portion of the Expo on July 28.


Paso Robles named Best Wine Country Town by Sunset magazine

Sunset magazine named Paso Robles as the Best Wine Country Town in its 2016 Travel Awards. The Canyon Villa in Paso won Best Bed and Breakfast. Other SLO County businesses named finalists: Ancient Peaks Winery/Margarita Adventures; Justin Vineyards and Winery; Vina Robles Amphitheatre; and Bristols Cider House.

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Style at Home: Contain your happiness: Beautiful bouquets brighten your home

Life is sweeter when we allow ourselves simple indulgences every day. For me, it's starting every morning quietly, with coffee in a cup made by my great niece, watching the sunrise reflect on the lake. It's melting into a hot bubble bath after a long day. It's filling my home with treasures that brighten my heart and make me smile, like beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers.


Into the Wild(woods) of New Jersey

Beach vacations, done right, have a magical way of getting you to eat, drink and do things you'd normally steer clear of on a regular weekday. Take roller coasters. I hadn't been on one in years, ever since a wild ride on the Phantom's Revenge at a Kennywood school picnic left me dizzy for weeks.

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How two dreams became one Seattle dream home

SEATTLE - You work and work, imagine and plan, launch your son into adulthood and then ... It Is Time. Time to build your very own grown-up Dream Home. Pavel Lobanov and Mila Lobanova were there: They had a divine high-up site in View Ridge (which did not earn its name accidentally). They had a highly recommended architect (design principal Rick Mohler of Mohler + Ghillino Architects). And they had a budget for building (though it was tight).


Simple cantaloupe recipes by Christina Patricio

Lifestyle blogger Christina Patricio shares simple simple recipes for cantaloupe. Bob Rodriguez
Simple cantaloupe recipes by Christina Patricio 1:20

Simple cantaloupe recipes by Christina Patricio

Blind Lao musician from Fresno an artist with khaen 1:05

Blind Lao musician from Fresno an artist with khaen

Cosmopolitan reopens at new downtown Fresno location 2:05

Cosmopolitan reopens at new downtown Fresno location

Singer Oklin Bloodworth brings joy, lessons of kindness to kids 1:12

Singer Oklin Bloodworth brings joy, lessons of kindness to kids