Warszawski: U.S. Amateur title only the beginning for Bryson DeChambeau

Clovis native Bryson DeChambeau holds out the Havemeyer Cup and looks for someone to hug after winning the 115th U.S. Amateur Championship on Sunday in Olympia Fields, Ill.
Clovis native Bryson DeChambeau holds out the Havemeyer Cup and looks for someone to hug after winning the 115th U.S. Amateur Championship on Sunday in Olympia Fields, Ill. ASSOCIATED PRESS

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▪ As Bryson DeChambeau steamrolled to the U.S. Amateur Championship title, the Clovis native didn’t look much like the blond kid in the Ben Hogan hat who won so many junior tournaments around town.

He looked like the next great American golfer.

▪ DeChambeau’s one-plane swing, choice of irons (all are cut to the same length) and the peculiar way he lines up putts (crouching and aiming with the club) set him apart from the crowd.

As does the way he uses water and Epsom salts to find and discard balls that are more than 16 milligrams out of balance.

But what’s really striking is the mature, respectful manner DeChambeau carries himself. We’re going to be following this 21-year-old’s exploits for a long time.

▪ College football teams across the country are starting to name their starting quarterbacks. Just not at Fresno State, where coach Tim DeRuyter still waits for one of the candidates to “separate himself.”

At this point, DeRuyter may have to ask the science lab to loan him a centrifuge.

▪ DeRuyter says it’s likely the Bulldogs will play more than one quarterback in the Sept. 3 opener against Abilene Christian.

Zack Greenlee starts, but Chason Virgil and Ford Childress each get a couple drives to show what they can do. Just a hunch.

▪ The Dodgers are so awful right now that even Clayton Kershaw says it’s time to panic. He’s right. It is. This team may win the NL West but has no shot in October.

▪ Love watching Madison Bumgarner swat home runs like houseflies.

Hate seeing the Giants risk injury to their ace by using him as a pinch-hitter. One fastball to Bumgarner’s exposed left wrist, and it’s season over.

▪ Why do the 49ers pretend Colin Kaepernick is Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning and play him so sparingly in preseason games?

The guy needs reps – and as many as he can get.

▪ After a visibly frustrated Derek Carr yelled “Catch the ball!” at receiver Seth Roberts for dropping a well-thrown deep ball, Carr went over to Roberts on the Raiders sideline and complimented him on his route.

The TV cameras didn’t catch that part.

▪ With Jordy Nelson (torn ACL) out for the year, Davante Adams will become a focal point of the Packers’ offense.

Adjust your fantasy football drafts accordingly.

▪ Nelson, as you may recall, caught 15 passes for Kansas State against Fresno State during a 2007 game at Bulldog Stadium.

Which is one more than Adams’ personal best on the same field (14 against Rutgers in 2013).

15 Passes caught by injured Packers receiver Jordy Nelson during a 2007 game at Bulldog Stadium

▪ Cris Carter apologized for advising NFL rookies they should always have a “fall guy” in case they get into trouble.

Where was Carter’s fall guy when he needed him?

▪ After USC coach Steve Sarkisian got drunk at a team banquet and talked trash about the Trojans’ Pac-12 rivals, his bosses gave him two choices: 1) apologize; or 2) legally change your surname to Snarkisian.

▪ FIFA president Sepp Blatter says his conscience is “clean” and there is “no corruption” in international soccer.

Makes you wonder why he’s stepping down.

▪ For no particular reason: Jack Taschner

▪ Cyclist Vincenzo Nibali was kicked out of the Vuelta a España after TV cameras filmed him getting a tow from the team car.

Nothing like a performance-enhancing drag.

▪ An 11-year-old male elephant named Vus’Musi has taken up residence at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, where animal-care staff hope he’ll breed with one of the exhibit’s two females.

Hope being the key word. Vus’Musi weighs 7,500 pounds, so no one forces him to do anything.

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