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Bulldogs’ Minnesota loss in perspective, Giant hope for MLB’s final week and more

It was a tough game, but Bulldogs need to put it behind them, Tedford says

Fresno State head coach Jeff Tedford said the Bulldogs need to put game behind them at a press conference Monday following Saturday's 21-14 loss to Minnesota
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Fresno State head coach Jeff Tedford said the Bulldogs need to put game behind them at a press conference Monday following Saturday's 21-14 loss to Minnesota

Capri Suns and orange slices all around to the Fresno State football team for flogging UCLA 38-14 in the public square last time out.

We haven’t seen this program grind a Pac-12 team into powder blue like that since Patrick H. Hill ran the trenches. You better believe Boise State is glad that Nov. 9 game v. Fresno State is in Idaho.

With that said, the Bulldogs are going to rue that 21-14 loss at so-so Minnesota until their crying eyes bleed. This season can still be special, just not New Year’s Day special.

That’s not me going all Eeyore on the Tedford-ites. It just means you’ll have to settle for another 10-win season with a bowl game.

Disappointed? Go back and watch tape of the 2016 season. You’ll get over it.

With the Bulldogs on a bye, here’s what’s stalking everyone else’s feed.

Fresno State football players celebrate Saturday night's 38-14 victory over UCLA with Bulldogs fans in the south end zone of the Rose Bowl.

Giant spoilers – The San Francisco Giants aren’t out of the playoff picture. They’re that big finger covering the lens and ruining the shot for everyone else.

And by everyone else, we mean the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are just begging for a thumb smudge.

Remember when Joe Morgan (1982) and Trevor Wilson (1991) photo-bombed the Dodgers out of the playoffs on the final weekend of the regular season? Me, too.

Here’s to another eight days of spoiling. Every time the Giants lose to the Cardinals this weekend, the birds catch up to the Dodgers for the final wild-card spot. Every time the Giants beat the visiting Dodgers next weekend, the Dodgers’ grip on the division lead gets greased.

Grab onto your Croix de Candlestick, and hope that Hunter Pence becomes the next Brian Johnson (1997) in the Spoiler Hall of Fame. Because if you can’t beat ’em, you may as well beat ’em.

Count the rings – Thirty years. It’s been 30 years since the Dodgers won anything more than a participation trophy. Remember that, you Kirk Gibson freaks, before saying something about a Giants team with three rings since my 8-year-old niece was born.

The Bay Area football powerhouse kept the Bears at a distance with a couple of big plays.

Prep domination – We admire Buchanan High’s noble intentions in hosting global power De La Salle in a friendly Friday night.

But, when it comes to prep football, De La Salle is always going to De La Salle you, which is why De La Salle is De La Salle and nobody else gets to share that trademarked status. Of course Buchanan lost 31-24. It happens to the best of them, which Buchanan now knows, because it just did.

Breaking news – Raiders coach Jon Gruden, day-drunk in the glow of making the Chicago Bears a playoff contender, runs out of Khalil Macks to trade away. Unfazed, he trades quarterback Derek Carr to the Detroit Lions to bring Thanos balance to the NFC North universe.

Why not? These winless Raiders aren’t going anywhere, other than Las Vegas.

NFL ratings – Did we not type the Raiders and 49ers would each go 6-10? And before you 49ers fans mention that one victory in the standings, the Lions don’t count. They’re nothing more than a third-rail tie in the NFL standings.

Go beat a real team. Like the Cleveland Browns.