David White

David White: Time will tell if love-fest awaits Fresno’s realigned Grizzlies

We always wondered what it looked like when peace got a chance.

Giants fans in Buster Posey orange, Dodgers fans in Andre Ethier blue, ridesharing to the downtown park together, eating from the same popcorn tub, cheering for the same Triple-A baseball team.

Some of them almost high-fived each other at the Fresno Grizzlies game Saturday, but alas, it wasn’t Hand Sanitizer Night at Slot Machine Park,

so we’ll just keep our hands firmly in our pockets for now.

It’s enough to make a grown man’s eyes bleed.

“Eventually, they’re going to become Astros fans,” manager Tony DeFrancesco, who really knows how to take a piano string to a tentative truce.

No one is going to become an Astros fan around here, because they’re not, that’s why, but we’ll give DeFrancesco points for trying.

The question is, will people in these parts finally become Grizzlies fans, because that’s just never been the case (with all apologies to the 10s and 20s of you who actually are).

Fresno Grizzlies has always been another way of saying future San Francisco Giants. This was the Giants’ Triple-A team, and these were there minor league players, and so to be a Grizzlies fan was to be a Giants fan.

You came to a Grizzlies game to cheer for the Giants.

Unless you were a Dodgers fan who came to boo the Giants. Or an A’s fan who … well, you guys just don’t count.

Everyone else came because the boss gave out free tickets, or your kid was in the pregame parade, or you like fireworks shows way more than an adult should.

That ship has relocated to Sacramento. There are no more Giants to love or despise. There are just Grizzlies, and going off one weekend, what a uniting campfire this just might be. If Dodgers and Giants fans can come together for a common cause, world peace just may be on deck.

“It’s definitely different,” said John Wainwright, a Giants fan from Kingsburg who typically considers a hundred Dodgers fans at the bottom of the ocean a very good start. “It’ll take some getting used to.”

The surest way for the Grizzlies to make Grizzlies fans out of this town is to do what they did the first two tries this season.

Win games.

Everyone falls for winners — well, that’s what we hear, not that we’d now in these Triple-A parts. The first time the Grizzlies made the playoffs was the last time they made the playoffs, and that was 17 seasons ago. The Giants made a habit of winning World Series rings, not hanging Pacific Coast League banners.

The Grizzlies are going to need a hook, and no other bait will do. All the menu spices and jersey changes and pyrotechnics in the world won’t keep turnstiles turning when our three-week spring ends, and our six-month summer goes into triple-digit dehydration mode.

No one is going to pay for face-value tickets in July because Houston’s No. 4 pitcher is making a rehab start. Unless it’s Nolan Ryan, we missed the part where we care.

What we do care about is the home jerseys making it worth our while.

That means parking pitches on Inyo Street, and putting dents in the Luftenburg’s sign, and leaving the other team kicking rocks.

They’ve got our undivided attention. Given all the Giants and Dodgers fans in this place, undivided is a great place to start.

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