David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: Fresno State had its chance with Jim McElwain

1. Florida decided coach Jim McElwain was worth the money, three years after Fresno State decided he wasn't when the Bulldogs hired their own new head coach. Before you say Tim DeRuyter is a better long-term solution, clip-n-save this: The first time a Power 5 school comes knocking, DeRuyter is as gone as McElwain was from Colorado State.

2. McElwain went 10-2 in Year 3. DeRuyter just went 6-7. The latter won with his inheritance, the former built an inheritance. DeRuyter was a great hire. We're just saying McElwain would have been a greater hire -- or Florida would have been calling DeRuyter instead.

3. Memo to college football teams that get left out of the four-team playoff: Unless you went undefeated, you have no one to blame. Win all your games, and you'll be in the Final Four. Crying "We're No. 4!" just doesn't sell in these parts.