David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: 49ers can still do what's right and bench McDonald

1. The 49ers always fancied themselves to be a progressive team, as if. In the shameful wake of Ray Rice, is it such a terrible idea to make a principled stand and sit Ray McDonald with pay until his alleged domestic violence case is resolved? Goodness, I was once involved in a harmless fender bender during work — and had to sit out a day of work until the drug-test results showed I was perfectly clean. Somehow, the Constitution — and my career — survived. Stop asserting make-believe rights, and start doing what's right.

2. Hey, Roger Goodell. Sgt. Schultz just called. He says, "Man, that NFL commissioner guy has got no credibility." Instead of trying so hard to protect The Shield, why don't you try a little harder to shield battered women from your players?

3. The Giants opened Friday with a touchdown and safety. The Dodgers bounced back with two touchdowns and a field goal Saturday. Someone want to remind these guys that they're not expected to score like football teams?