David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: Where's that Tim DeRuyter defense we heard about?


Everyone else wanted to defend Fresno State football coach Tim DeRuyter for his handling of the quarterback position two weeks ago, and we all know how that's played out so far. Anyone want to defend the defense-minded coach for how his defense has played the first two weeks?


Now that Fresno State is bringing back wrestling, is anyone in the room going to bring up men's soccer as the next candidate for revival? Maybe it'd have a better chance if the Valley floor was overpopulated with boys chasing soccer balls every Saturday morning. ... Oh, wait.


49ers coach Jim Harbaugh cited the Constitution to defend his decision to start Ray McDonald on this side of a domestic violence arrest. The reason the 49ers lead the NFL in arrests the past three years can't possibly be related to the total lack of immediate consequence, can it?