David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: As for Mountain West? Bulldogs have got that

1. Fresno State doesn't have a quarterback, and it's going to get re-educated the hard way against USC and Nebraska ... but the Bulldogs still end up in the Mountain West Conference title game in November because, of course, they will. Power 5, the Mountain West isn't, and Fresno State remains good enough to be greater than most in these parts.

2. Really hard to enjoy the San Francisco Giants leading the National League wild card chase when they're stuck three games south of the Dodgers in the West. When it comes to foam fingers, "We're No. 2" just doesn't fly off shelves.

3. Either Raiders QB Matt Schaub is saving his arm for the regular season, or there really is a reason the Texans dumped him. Keep the smelling salts handy, Derek Carr, won't be long before you're the one dodging human projectiles in the pocket.