David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: Carr and Hill, together again, at least in this space

1. Raiders rookie QB Derek Carr took a concussive sack in Friday's exhibition, which brings us to our perpetual point about why he doesn't need to start right away: Until the team has an offensive line that can protect his neck, playing does Carr more harm than good. Just ask his big brother.

2. Hung out with former Fresno State coach Pat Hill at the Raiders-Cowboys practice Tuesday in Oxnard, when he dropped this nugget: He might be doing a few college football games for ESPN3 as a color analyst this season. Not official until ESPN announces it, but that'll be must-see TV.

3. Hill spent last week with the Raiders and will spend five days this week in New England with coach Bill Belichick. Hill has always been an NFL guy, where higher-ups such as Trent Baalke and Ozzie Newsome love him. Guarantee he'll be back on a staff next year, after letting Atlanta pay him out this year.